Saturday, May 18, 2013

33 weeks (recap of the last 3 weeks)

How far along:
33 weeks (One more to go and we will be able to stay in Alexandria for the delivery and not have to go to St. Cloud)

Total weight gain:
 3 lbs!  I feel like I've gained a lot more but with all the meds I don't really know. I've been trying my hardest to gain more weight but I just cant seem to pack it on. What's hard for me lately is I really want to go for a walk/run but that isn't an option. Soon... but not too soon..

Maternity clothes:
They are getting more and more snug it seems. I'm hitting that stage where my clothes are getting extremely uncomfortable. That I would be happy wearing sun dresses and yoga pants instead for any type of fitted clothing. Then I think of the clothing I have now for after the baby is born .. I need to go shopping that's for sure!! And honestly I really really really dislike shopping other then socks and shoes. Starting to get curious to what my body will be like after baby Kelly's born. Thomas I lost 30 lbs within the first month and Olivia it was a little less then a month and I hit the 30 lbs marker as well.(and I only gained 20 with Thomas and 10 with Olivia so pregnancy was good to me after before).
32 weeks
33 weeks

I'm still having a hard time falling a sleep at night. Then once I do I have really weird dreams so I wake up a lot too. I think its more from having a lot on my mind then the pregnancy itself. Potty breaks have increased that's for sure.
Best moment of this week:
 I've been slacking. Its been 3 weeks since my last post and a lot has gone on. Dr's appointments have been good. Everything's stayed the same with meds and what I can and cant do. We did get our deck redone within the last 3 weeks and was finished about a week ago. That was a huge relief for me. The people who built it didn't use the right lumber and they didn't stain it so the wood was really dry and cracked. 2 of my besties dad did the job and he did awesome.

Miss anything:
 I miss a lot of things lately. Mothers Day was extreamly hard for me this year. My mom is gone (2 years now) and Papa isn't here either (7 months). As a mother not only is that day special (more so then my own birthday)
but a day that wouldn't of meant anything if it wasn't for my kids.
Being a mother is everything to me.

Thomas and Olivia made me mothers day pictures in School. LOVED THEM!! I slipped those into my mommy box as soon as I got them so they wouldn't get wrecked.
We also went out for Lunch (Chinese) yummm...

I miss being able to do anything for myself. Not only is it hard to ask for help but when I do ask for any type of help and get shut down or forgotten then it makes it even harder the next time. I'm limited on what I can and cant do and being there for others then getting let down sucks. I think that's part of the reason many reasons I wanted to be a surrogate mother. Do onto others what I would want done for/to me. Giving back to the world. I have so much faith in the world and people that I end up getting hurt easily. I'm told this is a good thing but sometimes I'm not so sure. I want to be the change in the world that others are afraid to do themselves. It starts with one.. and I hope others will follow

Thomas has been having a hard time with his SPD and ADHD the last 2 months and more so the last 2 weeks. He's really emotional and sensitive. Poor little guy. SPD really is difficult. What makes it so much more difficult is that not a lot of people know about it. So explaining it is something we have to do regularly when we have play dates etc. Regardless of any disability he may have he's perfect in my eyes.

 Tons of movement. The comments people make like " he's going to be a soccer player".. ya no, this little boys going to be a kick boxer. He Kicks me so hard I feel bruised from the inside out. And I'm not really complaining about it either. He's strong active and likes to stay up late just like I do, so what could I complain about? We talked about it and it seems to me he agrees to keep kicking me letting me know that he's okay in there as long as I don't squeeze him too much after he's born...  I told him I'll TRY.

Food cravings:
Those Asian noodle meals, ICE water, Ice Cream Cones, banana's.

Anything making you queasy or sick:
Nothing specific. I get queasy randomly for a few min then it goes away. WERD
Have you started to show yet:
More and more each day haha

Labor signs:
 Nothing new. Contractions and heart palpitations are the same. I did notice my feet where a little swollen a couple nights the last 2 weeks. Nothing HUGE but noticeable.

Belly button in or out: In but tighter

Wedding rings on or off: On

Happy or moody most of the time:
 I've been emotional. Easily hurt & my mouth filter is pretty much none existent. (something I'm working on). Went out to visit my mom and papa this last week. Brought flowers for my mom and a heart concrete plaque for papa.

A Heart of Gold Stopped Beating, Two willing Hands at rest. God broke our hearts to prove to us he only takes the best
 After some tears I felt better.. something I needed to do for a while but haven't had the right moment to let it out.

Looking forward to:
 This week we have another Ultrasound. Sam's coming up for our Dr's appointment where we will be talking about water birth and breastfeeding/pumping. I also will be getting another ECHO and halter monitor to make sure everything's a go for delivering here. Then after this week we will be going every week until this little man comes. So exciting!!!!!