Monday, August 4, 2014

Happy Birthday

I cant believe its already August. I missed the update on Finn's Birthday party its been so busy around here.

Well June- We had Thomas 6th Birthday and spider man came to our house. (daddy) Little Ms Olivia knew within a few min that it was daddy but we played it off that it wasn't and we still say it WAS NOT DADDY! Thomas had friends come over and we had a great time! He got a lot of LEGO's and Spider Man stuff. Clothes where my Favorite.. less to buy for school he he he. UGH school. Thats right around the corner and my baby is going to .. dun dun dun KINDERGARTEN!

                                                                                                                                                          Finn's birthday party was in June as well. We drove to Grandma B's house and was able to stay a lot later then expected with the kids. It was so nice to sit and relax with his family. We talked about how fast this last year went and how big he is getting. Lauren was attached to me as usual ( oh i love those girls) and Jada was her lovely stubborn self hehe (I stole a hug). Very big helpers with keeping my kids entertained and helping with their little brother.                                                                                                                                                            Some people asked if its hard at all now? My answer still is "no". His family is amazing. Sam and I "GET" each other. I'm involved as much as I can be with both our busy lives and then some. I'm not his mom. I am Amanda surrogate mommy that loves him to pieces and then some but I do not have that motherly need to be close. Its a gift to be able to be apart of his life still and watch him grow up. I honestly don't see how anyone would want it any other way. That's what makes surrogacy so unique. Everyone is different and everyone wants different..                                                                          Sam is coming down once I go into labor and is going to photograph Lillian's birth. She's taking another step with me in life. Something so important, I cant picture anyone else being there capturing it. She did my maternity  pictures and that was a bit different not being pregnant with Finn but with Lillian. It didn't seem real. Times gone by so fast.

The car we got him

I cant wait for Sam to come down and take pictures and she can get the Finnegan book we got him too. <3                                                                                                                                                                     It sure was a busy June, July and now August. Between Graduation Parties, My Birthday, birthday parties, Local festivities (parades, art in the park), fitting in Photo Sessions ( Ive been doing Photography on the side), Picking up shifts at the nursing home, doing day care, the kids and now Lillian's due date is less then a week away I feel like summer is just zippy by. Before we all know it its going to be WINTER. (vomit)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Stepping outside

I started up another blog to wright about life outside of surrogacy.

25 weeks 15 or so more to go

We went to the park the other day and we took a few pictures. Nothing too extravagant just some for fun.                                         

He wants a brother not a sister (it was bright out)

24 1/2 weeks

 So far everything with this pregnancy is going well. Had a little fall last week after our ice storm but the only thing that got hurt really was my arm and my pride lol. Went and had a check up with an ultrasound just to be sure and Lillian is growing perfectly. Still some fluid in her kidneys but not to where we are majorly concerned. It usually clears up right before birth or shortly after. We are just watching it.My cervix is a little soft but still closed.
Weight: Ive gained a total of about 13 lbs (giver take the day lol). Which is great! I didn't gain anything for Finn. He sucked it out of me..
Health/Movement: She is moving like crazy. I can see her now on the outside of my belly. Especially after some ice-cream. Im doing really well. Hardly any heart burn. A little contraction here and there but nothing concerning. Normal stuff Im just sensitive to feeling them when others usually dont. My nerve has been a pain more so at night. so the heating pad is my friend.

Sam text me the other day with Finn's Birthday party info. HOLY ONE YEAR!!! Nope cant happen. She needs to talk to that boy about growing up so fast. =P
Im already brainstorming birthday gifts. I am planning on another Finn book (a book with his name in it with a note inside) and a gift for fun. I have a pretty good idea what its going to be. Oh Im Giddy just thinking about it.

Here's little man and Mommy, 2 weeks shy of being 10 MONTHS OLD! I cant even describe the words that pictures like these make me feel. When days are hard or something gets me down I look at my kids and what happened with our Journey and it reminds me whats important.

Mothers day is coming up here next month. That's when we went to the cities and had a 4D ultrasound of Finn..

Remember to love up your mothers and pray for those who struggle with trying for a child. Its something so many take for granted.

Monday, March 31, 2014

20 weeks no wait 21... ummm

Ask of our ultrasounds and my last menstral cycle says that I'm due August 10th.I had one ultrasound in the beginning with the twins that showed a later due date so ultimately we are not sure when this little girl is going to be here. She's measuring 21 weeks and is super super active... and I'm feeling great!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

20 weeks oh MY!

This Friday I will be 20 weeks pregnant with our baby girl. So much has happened the last few months but at the same nothing much at all. For a while I was having contractions and pains just like Finnegan. Went in a few times to the clinic and they confirmed but there was nothing much I could do but be on modified bed rest. So for the last 4-5 weeks Ive been taking it easy and only picked up one shift at the nursing home last week.  I did a short shift and paced myself. (even tho I was told I wasn't) lol.

And besides being sore from my nerve I did good. A few little cramps but nothing I would be concerned about so this next month I already filled up my calender with some shifts. I'm not sure what made my pregnancy with Finn so touchy but this one is starting to ease up a bit. Ive eliminated alot stress and that's helped greatly and I tend to ask for more help around the house (which I DONT do) and thats helped with the extra lifting and bending. This little girl is growing like a weed. Ive been feeling her kick for some time now and the last 2 weeks I have been able to feel her on the outside of my tummy.                               Here is a 19 1/2 weeks picture of me

19 1/2 weeks with our baby girl

20 weeks

16 weeks 

I can't believe he's going to be 9 months on the 5th. Here are some pictures I saved from mommys pages and some she has sent to me... the kids like to see him from time to time

Little man loves to eat and from what mommy says he is so close to walking. I'm so lucky I am able to watch him grow up not many other surrogates gets get to be as lucky. And what can I say I like showing him off just like my own..I can't help it look at those chubby cheeks hehe

We have our 20 week ultrasound this Friday and we also get to confirm once again its a girl. I already have her bed room all set up besides a few little things here and there and some more clothes.                I'm prepared just in case it turns into anything like Finnegan.

The kids are doing great. Going to school and waiting... waiting .. waiting for summer. I cant wait to clean up my garden and get started on some yard work in the warm sun shine!!

Friday, January 17, 2014

New year

Happy New year everyone.. I know it's a little late but at least it's not weeks lol. Well I had another U/S and one of the twins stopped developing. It was a flash back of Finn but much earlier then with him. It was hard... extremely hard. I keep having dreams about both twins and my mom and papa. I have cut people out of my life and I must say it's really cleared my head and helped me see what I need to do and where I need to be. I'm still working as an on call and hours are few and far between, I'm looking at other options because of it.....

Online classes
Daycare (even over nights)
Different nursing home
Even Looking into changing up my whole career choices...

I've been praying hard about all this and so much more.

New year's kids I baby sat

Christmas gifts from Sam and the family
I'm starting to really show and my tummy is getting harder. I'm craving spicy foods and tons of fruit. Anything fruity really. Healthy and not so much like fruit snacks lol.
So far now unless I'm stressed I hardly ever get nauseated. I do get light headed when I stand up and I don't remember that happening much until later on in my previous pregnancies. It's so true each one is different but some things stay the same. At this point I would guess a girl. I'm ok with what ever ;)

I already have my heart set on first names but I'm still keeping an open mind to other ones.

I think this time we will keep the sex a secret... let's see if I can do it!