Saturday, June 29, 2013

39 weeks and still cooking

How far along: 
 39 weeks

Total weight gain:
Well my weight went up 3lbs then now back down again. its stayed the same for the last 2 weeks. I feel less hungry for bigger meals again. A lot of snacking and cold drinks.

Maternity clothes:
Oh yes. I broke out my shorts and excited that my gym shorts are lose enough that I can wear them now. We have been measuring 35 weeks the last 3 weeks and our OBGYN says that's normal at the end. Its scary for me because with losing fluid with Thomas and having to be induced this was the first indicator. I'm praying for my nerves to settle down about it and trust fully. I'm constantly feeling him and poking him even when his kicks hurt. I'm overly sensitive to every move he makes. The NEED to make sure he stays safe is very important even if I go crazy in the process *smiles* 

Stretch marks: 
Nothing new. My old ones have come out some and become noticeable. Before you could hardly see them.
Sleeping has been harder lately. I wake up a lot more to go to the bathroom. I don't remember this with my two but I'm sure its the same. He's pushing a lot lower the last 2 weeks. We are still a 2 as of last Tuesday and 70%. He moves his head and I get a lot of pressure and some sharp pains in my hips and pelvis. Which makes it harder to sleep as well.

Best moment of this week:
I'm not sure if I can say I've had a "best" moment this week other then our dr appointment and having coffee with the photographer who's going to be in the room
. But the week before Sam Jack and the girls came down for the day so we could make a belly cast and the kids could play. We went to the state park and went on a little walk but nothing too exciting happened obviously haha. Sam took some more pictures and still working on fishing them with her last weddings before her leave now as of last Saturday..
This last week tho I got into a debate with the Dr over inducing. She's really pushing for it and I don't see the need. He is safe and even tho I am not feeling the greatest at times this is all apart of the process. Labor begins before IN LABOR. My labor and delivery was so horrible with Thomas (being induced) that avoiding it is the only way I can be sure that it wont be so terrible. 36 hours compared to 9.5 with my daughter that came on her own. I was a 2 for both my kids for weeks so even tho we are a 2 it really doesn't make a difference in showing how fast I would go. More complications can arise not only for me but for this little guy. C sections, bleeding issues (like with my son) and a lot more pain meds...  So I felt a little guilty being so "not unless we need to for medical reasons" but the guilt doesn't even come close to the need to keep us safe. Going with my gut feeling and past experience and being told I bled so bad because of the induction I'm standing my mommy guns. And I believe that Sam and Jack trust me to know my body and to keep their little one safe. I've done it this long *smiles*
But in all, I've been feeling pretty good the last 2 weeks. More heart burn but less contractions for the most part. They will pick up here and there for a short time but it never lasts longer then 30 min to an hour. I'm spending a lot of time the last week talking with baby Kelly and savoring his movements. This may be the last time I'm ever pregnant.

Miss anything:
Missing my mom and papa a lot the last couple weeks. My birthday is in 5 days and they both arnt here. I've been playing birthday videos I have of them singing to me the last years they where here a lot too (gives me some peace reminding me the love we all had together).
I haven't been talking to many people the last 2 weeks or so and if I have its been brief.
(I'm not ignoring anyone on purpose) Its just a time for me to work through the next few weeks. Baby Kelly, My birthday, My papas birthday is the 17th (would of been 66), Zoo trip this year without him (we did it every year). and a bunch of other things that's been going on that's been hard. Life's short.. in moments your whole world and life can change. Make the most of it.

He's moving less when it comes to constant kicks and pushes (I can feel his lungs move constantly tho) but larger kicks all together. I keep wondering how in the world he can still fit in there. His Body moves and my whole belly and sides move. I cant wait to see how big he's going to be. I think he's going to be really long/ have really long legs.

Food cravings:
 Ice water, banana chips, peaches, DQ

Anything making you queasy or sick:
Comes and goes but his movements have been making me feel sick. Also anything spicy will make me feel like puking after I eat it.

Labor signs:
It comes and goes. Last week I started having contractions timed and lasting 5 min at a time for over an hour then tapered off. I'm thinking I was a bit dehydrated and that's what did it because after spending the night sipping water and throwing up I started feeling better the next day. Pressure and pinching pain comes and goes with back pain. So I can tell he's moving down and getting ready but nothing that I would say he will be here tomorrow.
Belly button in or out: In

Wedding rings on or off:

Happy or moody most of the time:
sensitive, emotional, lovey, cuddly, motherly

Looking forward to:
seeing baby!!! *hopefully*

Some pictures I took at the park messing around on my evening walk. I love phone timers....


At the Beach with my little Olivia

39 weeks

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