Tuesday, November 26, 2013

giving thanks

Everything here has been going smoothly. A year ago Sam was busting with excitement of the twins and now finny is here. I can't believe it. We are all doing great. We went to Fargo a few weekends back to get pictures done by Sam. They turned out amazing. He is one good lookin boy. Chunky and full of cuddles. We went to dinner and talked about the last year. Finding out a lot of my thoughts and feelings are the same as hers. Still sharing the same thoughts and feelings like when I was pregnant. Moments I treasure.

Then after I went for another visit but this time for a damsel in distress party. Something like that. They sell stuff for self defense. I bought a taser..hehe. Here are SOME of the pictures I got.

Such a wonderful mommy

He wasn't having the bottle yet that was for sure

Smiles for manda

I got quiet snuggle time with him too. It's moments like these that I am so blessed I have. Not many surrogates get this opportunity to have this close of a relationship with their families and surrogate baby. I get sad here and there missing Sam's close companionship when I was pregnant but I know that that was part of the deal. And I still have so much more then so many others so for that I am THANKFUL. This little boy has so much love pouring onto him he will never know what it is to be alone or unloved.Watching Sam work her magic taking care of him ...priceless. Still no motherly bond or needyness from me. I was more the ok he's not happy go to mommy feelings lol. I'm anxiously wanting to be pregnant again. In a weird way.. I can't wait to give him his Christmas gifts.

Well I'm still waiting to see what happens with my health. My heart stuff has acted up again. A trip by ambulance multiple tests ekg a stress echo and back on beta blockers. We are working our way to hopefully figuring this crap out soon. Heart palpitations pvc's pva's pain. It may all be ok and not dangerous just bothersome.it could be more. I'm not sure yet. My Dr is even stumped since some of what's happening to me she hasn't even seen before. So prayers are definitely appreciated. 

A few months back I got a call from Sam saying on the minds of moms was doing a story on her and wanted me to do an interview. I said sure. I emailed them and answered all their questions. Onthemindsofmoms.com

It turned out amazing. I can't wait to get a paper copy. Eee

Well I'm off to bed. I hope every one has a wonderful Thanksgiving.