Wednesday, May 23, 2012

As we Begin

Over the last 4 years my husband and I have talked about me being a surrogate mother.

My son was conceived using fertility treatments. We where told that we would most likely not be able to have children. But its worth a try.

After 2 years of trying and on our last round of FSH shots clomid ect before our next step ... IVF or a surrogate mother WE GOT PREGNANT.

My pregnancy was amazing. Nothing stopped me from working 40 hours a week and getting everything done around the house. June 26th 2008 my son was born. I was in labor for 36 hours after being induced. I did have to get 2 blood transfusions due to blood loss. That was pretty scary but I had one of the best Dr's around and she was amazing. She said its rare but does happen...

9 months later thinking we could only get pregnant with fertility treatments we found out we where expecting our second child. Dec 3rd 2009 my daughter was born. 9 hours and 25 min of labor with no bleeding. it was amazing two precious gifts I was told I wouldn't ever have.

Kinda going off from the beginning *briefly* is the start of my "story".

Some ask why I wanted to become a surrogate mother?
 Ive felt the sharp pain of being told "you will never have a baby" To being blessed.
To losing one baby shortly after finding out I was pregnant (8 out of 10 woman don't find out they are pregnant due to being very Earlie in pregnancy when they have a Miscarriage). I would of been due the 11th of this month.
And the many other reasons are for my IP and my Conversations =)

Ive done hours of research...
talked with many IP's (intended parents)
but never found that "match" due to personal conflicts in beliefs or distance.

until today....

One of my Friends from Moorhead Messaged me after I posted on Facebook my challenges and wants to be a surrogate.
She said she had a friend that is looking for a surrogate and sent me a link to her blog.
I began to read this woman's journey. Miscarriage.. loses.. broken heart!
I cried... I couldn't believe how strong she was. How she made some of the choices she did to stay alive.. and one choice she had no say on.. Losing her uterus.


I hoped that for what ever reason God placed her in my life to make this happen. I was so afraid after reading all the horror stories people posted about surrogacy going wrong. But after we sent each other countless messages we decided to meet up for lunch. It was amazing. I was so nervous. Thinking I would say the wrong thing. That I wouldn't make myself clear or have her take something I said wrong. 2 hours seemed like 10 min. It went by so fast like Ive known her for years and there just wasn't enough time to catch up on our lives.

After meeting today I drove home and prayed ...
"God if shes the one guide us to each other after today. Every child has a purpose and is planned by you Lord .. I have faith you will guied me" (This was going to be my last meeting with any IP).
not even a min later I got a text from her...
When would you be comfortable with starting everything? *smiley face*

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason.

I'm so excited to see where this will go. I know there are many things to come.. testing evaluations egg retrievals ect.. but with God and the people who are supporting us in this choice I know that  This will be great.
If everything works out we hope to have the roll(s) in the oven by the end of this summer =P

Amanda Dahmes

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  1. You're an amazing woman for doing this! You have no idea how many have been praying for you to show up in (your IPs) life!! What a blessing for her and you and what a bond you both will share! I will definitely be following this blog!!! God bless you!!