Thursday, May 31, 2012

IVF Class

Samantha went to the IVF class today.
They had alot of awesome information. Some I had no idea about. Like body washes, soap (shampoo), laundry soap all has to be scent free and I cant wear any makeup during transfer due to it KILLING the EMBRYOS!! Here are a few pictures She sent me with some of the information.

We have our appointment on June 11th to sync our cycles and get on medications.
And set up our transfer date!!!Hopefully there still will be room in JULY for a transfer if not it will be August!

I talked with her for over an hour tonight. I found myself rambling lol ...
 I really enjoyed talking with her.
 I want to try and cover all our bases so there are no surprises on what we want. Or conflicts we didn't think of. I've gotten alot of ideas from other blogs or situations that we haven't went through but COULD happen.
 And a couple things that we have and wondered what the other person feels about that situation.
Again, both of our thoughts where the same.
*couldn't be more prefect*

I couldn't be happier with us. Its like this long long wait and all the conflicts that arose with me not matching was made for this very time in our lives. God has a plan bigger then our own .Even what we feel should happen and when. God is so good I know he will guide us through this and with him everything will be alright. We all must have faith

The kids and I spent the day in town The Dog had a grooming appointment . I had to pick up my Tastefully Simple order. And we went to the park and I took a ton of pictures!
It was so nice having decent weather...

She always makes faces like she doesn't want to smile.. lol

My silly monsters

he was telling her they should go get some ice cream.... And we should go ask mommy

Cool rock pile mommy...

Now time to grill up some BBQ ribs!

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