Monday, June 10, 2013

36 weeks

One more week and we can have a water birth if we want. I found out last week I have a small hernia where my belly button is .. so a little bump (which is very sensitive). Its getting more sensitive so hopefully it doesn't get worse and fixes itself after baby's born so I won't need surgery. Blah

Contractions have picked up some around the time I take my meds and they ware off so we might be upping the meds until Sunday. (when I stop all meds and restrictions)

I'm feeling more energized like that nesting feeling.I wasn't sure if I would feel this way since its not my baby and it was kinda in a mothers mind to get ready for her baby. Now I'm sure its more hormonal then mental. I keep wondering what he will look like... and how I can't wait to get my time to squeeze him after mommy and daddy. Here's baby at  36weeks

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