Monday, February 25, 2013

21 weeks

Not much is new over this way. Baby is growing and moving like crazy. We have an OB appointment this friday with out an ultrasound I believe. I see the cardiologist in about 3 weeks to hopefully get some answers. 

Today for lunch I had 1/2 of an egg salad sandwich 4 smokey BBQ wieners and 3/4 a bag of pop corn.. YEP satisfied all my cravings =P

Heres the belly 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

20 week ultrasound

well today I headed to St Cloud for our 20 weeks level 2 ultrasound. The weather was bad up north so Sam and her Mom couldnt make it. It really sucked not having her there and I honestly can say Im over winter even more so now. I couldnt of been a surrogate for anyone that lived far away and couldnt come to as many appointments as possible. I am happy to say that little man is doing great. Hes as the 63% tile and if he stays at about this point he will be 8 plus lbs. His heart brain and spine all looked beautiful. He was a mover thats for sure. Took a while longer then usual to get all the measurements they needed. They want me to go back around 30 weeks to check my fluid to make sure there is no repeat of my sons pregnancy (lost water at the end of pregnancy and had to be induced). 

I got lost trying to find the right building for the ultrasound so I was a tad late so that was stressful I thought they where going to send me home but they where so nice and apparently it happens with their patients all the time so I didnt feel too silly.

Summers right around the corner and it cant come soon enough. 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

20 weeks

Ooofta, its been a crazy one. Well we where supposed to have our ultrasound in St Cloud last Monday but the clinic closed due to the blizzard we got. So now its tomorrow. I'm still dealing with issues with my heart. I had to stop the beta blockers due to the reactions I was getting.
 (very abnormal for those kind of meds as I posted earlier).
The Dr isn't sure what meds she wants to put me on due to them having possible effects on the baby.She is concerned with how my heart is completely off with it's rhythm and sound. ECHO is normal and EKG turned out fine so its something to do with the pregnancy. We just arnt sure what or WHY. She talked of wanting to send me to a specialist and see what they think. The halter monitor did pick up all the issues as well as her hearing them so shes thinking the 30 sec. or so EKG isn't long enough.
I guess I'm just sitting and waiting for more information on what to do. She doesn't want me working at all but I'm not on bed rest so that's a positive. Its not effecting the baby so that's another positive.The only thing that rests on my shoulders in thoughts is delivery. Now that we are to our half way mark its even more so on my mind. 20 weeks or less (hopefully not 2 weeks more haha) and this little guy will get to meet everyone in this world that loves him. I'm just lucky enough to get to know him a little before hand. 

I know one things for sure. Unless this boy changes up his sleep schedule Sam better get used to working nights and a go go goer lol. He is one active little guy. And I enjoy it, I don't have to sit and wonder if hes okay. I can feel him almost constantly now. Before we had to push a little to feel him and now I don't have to at all. 

Here's a picture of me at 19weeks 4 days.
I can really tell in this picture my weight loss but baby is doing good so no worries there.
I cant wait to see Sam and her mom on Monday =P

Love my PJ's?
How far along: 20 weeks

Total weight gain: none

Maternity clothes: Oh yes.

Stretch marks:None

Sleep: Still waking up like before. Now I seem to get up more to get more ice water. I get less leg cramps.
Best moment of this week: I got my first Pedi this week for valentines day. I will be getting another one before baby comes so I can have pretty feet when everything else isnt so pretty about me... If they can be pretty. HA.

Miss anything: Bending down for long periods of time (cleaning putting kids shoes on ect)

Movement: Tons of movement.. =D

Food cravings: Egg Salad Sandwiches, Sweet Gerkin Pickles, Fruit, Ice Water

Anything making you queasy or sick: Comes and goes but Smelly dish cloths send me running
Have you started to show yet: Silly question

Gender: Boy!!

Labor signs: No just pains.

Belly button in or out: In

Wedding rings on or off: On

Happy or moody most of the time: Blah, I want summer to be here already!

Looking forward to: Mondays ultrasound

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

18 weeks and the news we have been waiting for...

How far along: 18 weeks

Total weight gain: none.. still losing (all baby)

Maternity clothes: Oh yes and I feel like Ive popped out some..
Stretch marks: Nothing yet... *fingers crossed*

Sleep: Still getting up every night to go pee and take care of baby Jase.But they now started me on Beta Blockers for my heart and its making me super wired. I was up this morning with Jase at 5am and 
could not get back to sleep. Crashed at 2 for a nap and now wired again.

Best moment of this week:Sam being here for our Ultrasound and we got to spend time together. I had her find the baby with the Doppler. It was fun and cute.

Miss anything: ya, not having to change my underwear 2-3x a day due to coughing or
Movement: Tons of movement.. =D This week (2 nights ago) I was laying on my side and I could feel him kick alot higher then normal. And man where they strong.

Food cravings: Ooofta, Well lately Ive been feeling sick from almost everything. It sounds good until I make it and then its gross smelling or tastes funny. Cereal has been my best friend. That yogurt and veggies. Ive really been Loving Broccoli Bacon salad from our local grocery store.  (Thank you honey for picking it up for me).

Anything making you queasy or sick: Seems like everything... I really force myself to eat at times. I need to gain weight!!!
Have you started to show yet: HA yes

Gender: We had another ultrasound and its a for sure BOY!!!

Labor signs: Have had some brax. hicks here and there. Erica didnt seem to worried but noted them.. So I'm not going to worry.

Belly button in or out: In

Wedding rings on or off: On, I never had to take mine off with my 2 either.

Happy or moody most of the time:Ive been really emotional lately. Little things make me feel like I'm about to cry or I feel super lovey and want to do nothing but cuddle and listen to lovey music.

Sam came up Thursday night. We watched movies, talked, took pictures, ate a chicken sandwich for a midnight snack and had our appointment that next morning.Then grabbed lunch. She got to feel her baby boy move and find him with the Doppler. It was so cute she was afraid to push too hard. Its like she was my hubby. Even tho she was pregnant further along then I am now she is so gentle and worried about hurting me like he did. I giggled grabbed her hands and pressed them on my tummy. That was my Favorite part of this last week. We also had another ultrasound but this was a big one. They went through everything ... and we have MORE great news...Baby is cleared of any spinal and brain defects. This was our biggest fear since they said baby Charlie's defects were genetic. I could seriously cry typing that. I was worried but I prayed about it and God is so good. We go get another ultrasound (high risk) to double check everything on Monday.

Now with me. Well they started me on beta blockers 2x day and like I said earlier it makes me really wired. I haven't noticed much change but I don't like feeling like I'm pumped up on 10 cups of coffee...My nerve is now starting to bother me. The pain goes from my butt to my back and down my leg. I didn't have this with Thomas but with Olivia I did. I don't remember it being this earlie tho. This is also my 3rd pregnancy over 10 weeks. So alot can be different. My heart burn is picking up and Im having to take my meds more for it.

                       (big yawn)

When Sam was here she took some pictures of Jase. Next time I'm hoping with the kiddos too and their girls.

Tonight I'm having a Salad with BBQ chicken breast Copped up.
Salad is another thing that doesn't seem to bother me.. most veggies really.

                                          (what a ham)