Saturday, January 2, 2016

better late then never

Well the wedding was phenomenal everything I expected and then some. Sam was always very particular on how she wanted her wedding what fit right and what would be tasteful.. the ceremony was short and sweet and the reception was beautiful. I got to dance with Finnegan and the girls. It just amazes me how big they have gotten and how fast time goes. I look at him and it almost doesn't seem real that I gave birth to him. It was magical watching his family friends everybody just love him and the girls to pieces. I was just a stepping stone to building their family. That was it that was my purpose even after all this time I still love each and every one of them. Its just a different type of love than anybody could ever describe. Still very thankful that they left the door open to be a part of his life and watch him grow up. Something I always knew I needed.  just that Little bit of closure seeing it. I love watching Sam be a mother and Jack being a father. It's an example of being able to witness love over and over again and the good in this world.  Here's a FEWFEW
pictures I took at the wedding ♡

Congratulations jack and sam xo