Thursday, May 31, 2012

IVF Class

Samantha went to the IVF class today.
They had alot of awesome information. Some I had no idea about. Like body washes, soap (shampoo), laundry soap all has to be scent free and I cant wear any makeup during transfer due to it KILLING the EMBRYOS!! Here are a few pictures She sent me with some of the information.

We have our appointment on June 11th to sync our cycles and get on medications.
And set up our transfer date!!!Hopefully there still will be room in JULY for a transfer if not it will be August!

I talked with her for over an hour tonight. I found myself rambling lol ...
 I really enjoyed talking with her.
 I want to try and cover all our bases so there are no surprises on what we want. Or conflicts we didn't think of. I've gotten alot of ideas from other blogs or situations that we haven't went through but COULD happen.
 And a couple things that we have and wondered what the other person feels about that situation.
Again, both of our thoughts where the same.
*couldn't be more prefect*

I couldn't be happier with us. Its like this long long wait and all the conflicts that arose with me not matching was made for this very time in our lives. God has a plan bigger then our own .Even what we feel should happen and when. God is so good I know he will guide us through this and with him everything will be alright. We all must have faith

The kids and I spent the day in town The Dog had a grooming appointment . I had to pick up my Tastefully Simple order. And we went to the park and I took a ton of pictures!
It was so nice having decent weather...

She always makes faces like she doesn't want to smile.. lol

My silly monsters

he was telling her they should go get some ice cream.... And we should go ask mommy

Cool rock pile mommy...

Now time to grill up some BBQ ribs!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

First step of many

The kids and I are back home from Fargo. Whoofta turned into a long day.

But a Good Day!

Last night I had a really hard time falling asleep. I kept thinking about today and wondered how everything would go, so I packed up the car and double checked it... at least 5 times. Made sure the kids had everything they could possibly need.

The kids slept most of the way up and I got more quiet time to think. Which was a good thing.

After we got to the clinic the kids and I went on a walk to stretch our legs and waited for Samantha to get there so she could keep the kids entertained while I went in and saw the Dr.
Sam left with the kids after a while and went to the local park that was a block away
(they think Sam is "cool nice" according to my 2 .. hehe too cute)

I met with the Dr and we went over my pregnancy and delivery history. As well as my health history.  I took a PG test (routine) and the nurse took my vitals. An hour appointment turned into 2!

She asked if I had a full bladder?
(well I held it just in case since I read that some of the testing they need a full bladder)
I said "OH YES"!
she giggled
Shes like "well if its ok with Sam I would like to do the trial transfer."

Sam was super excited we could do that today.. already at our FIRST APPOINTMENT!!

 Some ask what's that?? Well its where they do an ultrasound with a full bladder and watch to make sure that the tool they use during the transfer of actual embryos goes into my uterus
(some are up higher and the tool cant reach and they wouldn't be able to transfer the embryos)
as well as check the shape and length of your cervix.

This is the room where I was at. There was a TV screen in front of me on the wall so I could watch what was going on. It didn't hurt, it was just like a normal pap you would have at the Dr.

The Dr was amazed at how perfect it was. her exact words..
"WOW, that's the easiest transfer I've had in a long time...There wont be  any issues with the embryos transferring WOW WOW"
If there was any time to be proud of your uterus its now. I was so excited I was shaking!!

I left and was on cloud 9!!!
Sam goes in for her IVF class at the clinic tomorrow. I cant go due to Nick working and the kids.
So she will be telling me all about it when shes done.
We are going to try and shoot for a JULY transfer! She doesn't see any issues with the evaluation coming up for all 4 of us. She will be calling Samantha tomorrow as soon as she knows if there are any openings in July. That way I can either start my medication now OR in a couple weeks.

After we left the clinic we grabbed some lunch at the mall and shopped a little
 Then we headed back to Alexandria.

Now we wait again =)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Moved to Wedneday

Nick decided that he cant take off work for the general Dr's appointment in 2 weeks since there are appointments that are mandatory and this one isn't. So, I moved the appointment up and Ill be going to Fargo in 3 Days!! The kids and I are going up and after my appointment we are going to have lunch with Samantha and possibly Jack.

Then the next appointment we will spend the day in Fargo. That appointment may take longer then expected and we don't want to chance Nick being late getting back into town for work.

Right now I'm trying to get over this nasty cold. I haven't called into work in ... jeeze, I cant even remember the last time I took a day off. Well I had to this morning. There was no way I could of worked today and been well enough for tomorrow too. So I spent most of the day in my PJ's laying around the house. Made chicken breasts on the grill with seasoned potato's and cantaloupe.

Definitely delicious!!

I'm sitting in my kitchen with my windows open listening to the rain hit my deck.  It's the simple things in life that God created that people seem to take for granted..

God is so good....

Friday, May 25, 2012

1st Appointment

Yesterday they called me for my first appointment. I head to Fargo for an ultrasound blood work and to talk with the Dr. She said she just has to be sure there are no red flags like if I'm not 100% sure. I kinda got this feeling that they are going to try and scare me or something. the nurse was all..
"well we need to tell you everything and I'm sure there are things you don't know. We just don't want any red flags" just the way she said ...I dono
When we go up in 2 weeks for our Dr's appointment Nicks going to take the day off so we don't have to rush and can relax that day.

I told her Ive thought about this for 4 years. Looked into the process talked with other surrogate mothers and even went and got a physical with my OB and got the green light from her.

Nick and I have a psych evaluation at the end of next month. She said it would be about an hour long but its hard with kids there so Samantha is going to come with and play with the kids.
Sadley for this appointment we wont be able to stay after. Nick has to get back right away and head off to work. I asked about them scheduling the appointments the same day but it wasn't possible. DARN! LOL
Worth a try right. keep all the expenses down if at all possible!

Then after that we have our trial transfer to make sure I get thick enough to hold the pregnancy. I haven't been this concerned with my body in over 4 years. hoping it does what I want it to (with fertility stuff) and that we can do it all in one shot =)

Ill be saying lots of prayers that's for sure.
I started my healthy eating routine like I did with Thomas. I believe that if someone if trying to get pregnant (or hold a baby) you have to give your body the best so it can do its job the best.
  • I don't over eat...
  • Lots of fruit veggies and whole grains
  • Lean meats
  • cut out 99.9% of all pop (I don't drink much pop as it is but still)
  • Vitamins
  • supplements
  • sleep
  • exercise
  • And with the foods I eat I try and eat as organic as possible.
  • minimize any alcohol intake..
I may be a nerd but I believe its very important.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

As we Begin

Over the last 4 years my husband and I have talked about me being a surrogate mother.

My son was conceived using fertility treatments. We where told that we would most likely not be able to have children. But its worth a try.

After 2 years of trying and on our last round of FSH shots clomid ect before our next step ... IVF or a surrogate mother WE GOT PREGNANT.

My pregnancy was amazing. Nothing stopped me from working 40 hours a week and getting everything done around the house. June 26th 2008 my son was born. I was in labor for 36 hours after being induced. I did have to get 2 blood transfusions due to blood loss. That was pretty scary but I had one of the best Dr's around and she was amazing. She said its rare but does happen...

9 months later thinking we could only get pregnant with fertility treatments we found out we where expecting our second child. Dec 3rd 2009 my daughter was born. 9 hours and 25 min of labor with no bleeding. it was amazing two precious gifts I was told I wouldn't ever have.

Kinda going off from the beginning *briefly* is the start of my "story".

Some ask why I wanted to become a surrogate mother?
 Ive felt the sharp pain of being told "you will never have a baby" To being blessed.
To losing one baby shortly after finding out I was pregnant (8 out of 10 woman don't find out they are pregnant due to being very Earlie in pregnancy when they have a Miscarriage). I would of been due the 11th of this month.
And the many other reasons are for my IP and my Conversations =)

Ive done hours of research...
talked with many IP's (intended parents)
but never found that "match" due to personal conflicts in beliefs or distance.

until today....

One of my Friends from Moorhead Messaged me after I posted on Facebook my challenges and wants to be a surrogate.
She said she had a friend that is looking for a surrogate and sent me a link to her blog.
I began to read this woman's journey. Miscarriage.. loses.. broken heart!
I cried... I couldn't believe how strong she was. How she made some of the choices she did to stay alive.. and one choice she had no say on.. Losing her uterus.


I hoped that for what ever reason God placed her in my life to make this happen. I was so afraid after reading all the horror stories people posted about surrogacy going wrong. But after we sent each other countless messages we decided to meet up for lunch. It was amazing. I was so nervous. Thinking I would say the wrong thing. That I wouldn't make myself clear or have her take something I said wrong. 2 hours seemed like 10 min. It went by so fast like Ive known her for years and there just wasn't enough time to catch up on our lives.

After meeting today I drove home and prayed ...
"God if shes the one guide us to each other after today. Every child has a purpose and is planned by you Lord .. I have faith you will guied me" (This was going to be my last meeting with any IP).
not even a min later I got a text from her...
When would you be comfortable with starting everything? *smiley face*

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason.

I'm so excited to see where this will go. I know there are many things to come.. testing evaluations egg retrievals ect.. but with God and the people who are supporting us in this choice I know that  This will be great.
If everything works out we hope to have the roll(s) in the oven by the end of this summer =P

Amanda Dahmes