Sunday, April 14, 2013

3rd Trimester.. Hospital.. Water Birth.. Oh my

Well this the last week has been an eventful one. Our Dr gave me those yellow strips to test my PH when I notice any "changes" since I leaked fluid with Thomas and with the contractions. Well that was last Monday and nothing happened until after my appointment Friday night. I had some wetness and sure enough I went to the bath room and used the strip... Dark blue. Oh crap.
(stays yellow normal.. dark blue blood or fluid). Called the Birthing unit they called our Dr and they told me I needed to come up and be checked. Nick was at his grandpas Visitation in Redwood falls and couldn't get home right away so I had to wait until he got home.

They did a test that's 99% accurate and that came back negative. The Nurse and on call Dr thinks I  might of had a small leak and that's what turned the 3 different strips blue. That when its a small pin hole leak that it heals over easily and the other test they did reassured that I haven't ruptured. Phew. My contractions ranged from 4 min apart to 12-15. Only a couple where back to back at 4 min so still irregular which it great.

They did the  fFN (Fetal Fibronectin) test at our appointment Friday morning and tested for Gestational Diabetes. Both came back negative. I have to say I'm really happy about the GD test. With him measuring bigger the last few appointments I was worried it could of been a possibility.

Today marked 28 weeks (3rd trimester) for us. I am really excited to even be at this point. hitting 28 weeks is like getting out of the first trimester. Less worries for complications if something where to happen. This little boy is super strong. I don't ever remember my kids being this active this earlie and never this strong where it hurts. Between my contractions and his kicking me my whole top part of my uterus is sore. Tender to the touch and movement will make me jump. And I take pain pretty well I think.. 2 previous pregnancy's and Thomas being all natural for over 25 hours before getting pain relief. These strong kicks and movement's are reassuring tho. I would rather be sore then have to guess if hes okay and feel for movement or make him move to be sure.

Ive been thinking about water birthing this time. Ive always wanted to but with my previous 1 I didn't have much of a choice or ability. This time I'm doing things differently. And I think it will be more Private then having my legs up in the air haha. Sam can be in the tub with me (can you tell We have talked about this haha). It will be more relaxing for me and more or a natural transition for the baby. The thought of all of this and more makes me alot less anxious about the BIG DAY. We really want a photographer there too to capture some of the moments together so a water birth makes me feel a little bit better about having someone else in the room. I'm pretty touchy about this so we will see. Ill have my camera and so will Sam so we will be able to take pictures along the way too.
No bottom pictures for this lady... I already have to bare all lol!

This next week its a busy one again. Kids have school, a bunch of appointments and this weekend we head off to the cities for our 4D ultrasound!! I cant wait.

The closer we get to our due date the more I think I'm going to miss this. Even with the complications the feeling I get knowing he's getting big and chunky and the smiles and giggles I get from Sam and Jack my heart fills up more and more. I'm so happy I did what my heart told me to even with those doubting me carrying for someone else.( thank for you caring tho) only God knows best... If it wasn't met to be the 2 transfers would not of held. I believe!

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