Tuesday, April 30, 2013

30 weeks and so much more

How far along: 30 weeks.. I cant believe it. Went to Fargo for the baby shower and we got to take some pictures together. It was nice to just spend some time without all the distractions of the world and our daily lives. Just to be able to have Sam feel him when ever she wanted was perfect. I can sit here and try to describe how it made me feel but its pretty much impossible. One word I think can sum it up... LOVE!

We went to this smoothie shop that has these jelly things in them. It was so good. Baby Really liked it as well. I put the smoothie cup on my belly and we watched it move. I'm sure people there thought we where lesbians the way Sam was rubbing my belly.We just giggled about it to be honest. =)

Total weight gain:
I believe Ive only gained 3lbs so far. Ive been eating alot more lately. I'm not sure if I just feel really hungry all the time or if its my head telling me that if I eat more drink more water that it will help him stay in there longer and get nice and chunky. Maybe its a little of both. He likes it when I eat anything sweet. He gets alot more active. Ice cream is the recent Fav! And not just ice cream.. ice cream cones!! I had 2 the other night... shhhhh

Maternity clothes:
Some of the clothes I thought fit funny on me are starting to fit nicely. Ive used the belly band to my advantage to use my regular pants and so far I haven't really had to wear maternity pants. Which I really dislike anyways. They constantly move and I have to adjust the top part. But I really feel like I have popped out the last week or so. Sam said she thinks so too.

Stretch marks:
Nothings changed there.

 I seem to sleep sound lately. Even with potty breaks its just getting to sleep that's the challenge. I find myself super exhausted throughout the day but as the day comes to an end and the kids are asleep that's when i find it hard to wined down myself. All the things I couldn't get done right away or by myself I want to get done. I think its because I can do it and take my time. I do some stuff around the house and then rest for a while. No multitasking for this girl. And for me that's torture. I am one to do 3 things at once...

Best moment of this week:
 I would have to say that the best moment(s) of this week was the baby shower in Fargo.
Nick and the kids went to his parents house to help out grandma and grandpa and play while I went to Fargo to spend time with the Kelly family (smiles.. )
The baby shower was alot of fun. It was nice seeing and meeting people in Sam and Jacks lives that love them and this baby. For being a Surrogate Its a touch of love that started us.

I cant believe that its coming up to a YEAR that we started this journey together. That we got linked to one another from a mutual friend and met for lunch.

Jacks daughters are a huge "bonus" for me as well. At first I could tell that they where slow at introducing me to them. And I understood why. If none of the transfers took how to explain to a child death.. loss. They have already suffered so much along with Sam-a-mommy and their dad Jack. Why put them through more? The loss of the first transfer and the twin.. its was crushing.
(jeese makes me cry even now thinking about back then). Those girls have really grown on me. And for those who know me know its easy for kids to fall on my heart heavy but its different. The love and acceptance I see in their faces and the touches on my belly. The love THEY have for their brother even before hes here. And I'm not their mom.. its different its special. Its a gift that's been given TO ME!
Yes, I hear people making comments about how wonderful  I am for doing this... thank you.. But people need to also see how wonderful they are. They are giving me something that I can look back on my life and say.. I gave something bigger then myself. I gave a family that was broken a piece that made them ALMOST whole again. Almost because after everything they have went through they cant ever get that back but the can pick up the piece's and move on from there. With this little guy and eachother...

Later after the shower and our smoothie picture run we went back to Sam and Jacks. Sam got to feel her baby boy kick and squirm around and I got to pick on Jack. ( hes not quiet there yet with feeling okay with touching my tummy. We will get him there *wink*). I felt myself stalling before I left for home. Wanting Sam to feel one more kick. The excitement she gets is what I had with my kids so knowing that feeling I know that you just cant get enough!! I was going to stay the night but with my kids at home and a bunch of stuff we had to do in the morning I had to get home. And with my sleep being off it being late didn't effect it anyways.

 This little man has been moving like crazy. They say that weeks 30-34 when they move its alot more intense. Then after 34 weeks it usually slows down with having less room to move. So Ill be making alot of videos the next 4/5 weeks.

Food cravings:
Raspberry/Butter Toast, Ice Cream Cones, Root Beer, Strawberry's..

Anything making you queasy or sick:
 Nothing really, Ive felt pretty good on the food standpoint. I'm always hungry

Have you started to show yet:
I feel like Ive popped out alot!


Labor signs:
With this pregnancy being so eventful we are doing everything to make sure him and I stay healthy and he stays put. And so far so good.

I'm making sure to fallow Dr's orders and take it easy... Still having contractions but it seems my heart palpitations haven't been as frequent. So that's a big plus.And with the meds it helps the contractions.. I'm still 1cm soft but firm and long. So we are still cruising cooking this little guy. We go back at 34 weeks for an ECHO and an EKG/heart monitor to double check everything before we deliver.

Belly button in or out:

Wedding rings on or off:
On, and getting looser

Happy or moody most of the time:
Still emotional. My poor husband has been through my ups and downs more so then anyone else during all of this. He truly is amazing. Without his support I don't think I could of done a second transfer. Knowing the pain that could of fallowed. It is so true that a support system is important when deciding to do this. He says that I would of done it regardless because I was so head strong on helping a family but honestly.. it wouldn't of given it a thought without him. Because with him I was made a mother...

Looking forward to:
Seeing Sam next week. I'm hoping I can talk her into a sleep over again *wink*

Here are some pictures of our day together...

Sam's friend and I. Our due dates are a day apart.
 Shes having a girl so they are arranging a marriage haha

  I love these 2 munchkins
What an awesome gift.. he better get used to his picture taken now
Some of the gifts..

One of my fav's. This picture says it all...



(Sam and I feeling him Kick later that night)
I have a feeling the next 10 weeks are going to go by fast. I think its time to start packing the hospital bag and making a list of things not to forget haha.. baby brain and all.

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