Friday, December 28, 2012

12 weeks 5 days

We had an ultrasound today with blood work and met with out Dr. I am 2 days shy of 13 weeks =)... Jack Sam and the girls came up for the appointment. They where a bit shy at first but warmed up and quickly showed off. Super cute.
Baby's HB was 143 during the US, and 170's with the Doppler when we met with our Dr.
Blood work is still pending and UA showed a trace of blood but with the twin that's normal.
And in our appointment we saw that Sam and Jack are having a.......
We got a few videos too Ill try and upload after a bit. Super excited and cant wait to see this little man grow. He is super active too. Sucking on his hands kicking flipping and he sure doesnt like it when I cough.. lol
Baby B is still there watching over his/her brother.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and stay safe =)

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