Wednesday, May 30, 2012

First step of many

The kids and I are back home from Fargo. Whoofta turned into a long day.

But a Good Day!

Last night I had a really hard time falling asleep. I kept thinking about today and wondered how everything would go, so I packed up the car and double checked it... at least 5 times. Made sure the kids had everything they could possibly need.

The kids slept most of the way up and I got more quiet time to think. Which was a good thing.

After we got to the clinic the kids and I went on a walk to stretch our legs and waited for Samantha to get there so she could keep the kids entertained while I went in and saw the Dr.
Sam left with the kids after a while and went to the local park that was a block away
(they think Sam is "cool nice" according to my 2 .. hehe too cute)

I met with the Dr and we went over my pregnancy and delivery history. As well as my health history.  I took a PG test (routine) and the nurse took my vitals. An hour appointment turned into 2!

She asked if I had a full bladder?
(well I held it just in case since I read that some of the testing they need a full bladder)
I said "OH YES"!
she giggled
Shes like "well if its ok with Sam I would like to do the trial transfer."

Sam was super excited we could do that today.. already at our FIRST APPOINTMENT!!

 Some ask what's that?? Well its where they do an ultrasound with a full bladder and watch to make sure that the tool they use during the transfer of actual embryos goes into my uterus
(some are up higher and the tool cant reach and they wouldn't be able to transfer the embryos)
as well as check the shape and length of your cervix.

This is the room where I was at. There was a TV screen in front of me on the wall so I could watch what was going on. It didn't hurt, it was just like a normal pap you would have at the Dr.

The Dr was amazed at how perfect it was. her exact words..
"WOW, that's the easiest transfer I've had in a long time...There wont be  any issues with the embryos transferring WOW WOW"
If there was any time to be proud of your uterus its now. I was so excited I was shaking!!

I left and was on cloud 9!!!
Sam goes in for her IVF class at the clinic tomorrow. I cant go due to Nick working and the kids.
So she will be telling me all about it when shes done.
We are going to try and shoot for a JULY transfer! She doesn't see any issues with the evaluation coming up for all 4 of us. She will be calling Samantha tomorrow as soon as she knows if there are any openings in July. That way I can either start my medication now OR in a couple weeks.

After we left the clinic we grabbed some lunch at the mall and shopped a little
 Then we headed back to Alexandria.

Now we wait again =)

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