Tuesday, February 19, 2013

20 week ultrasound

well today I headed to St Cloud for our 20 weeks level 2 ultrasound. The weather was bad up north so Sam and her Mom couldnt make it. It really sucked not having her there and I honestly can say Im over winter even more so now. I couldnt of been a surrogate for anyone that lived far away and couldnt come to as many appointments as possible. I am happy to say that little man is doing great. Hes as the 63% tile and if he stays at about this point he will be 8 plus lbs. His heart brain and spine all looked beautiful. He was a mover thats for sure. Took a while longer then usual to get all the measurements they needed. They want me to go back around 30 weeks to check my fluid to make sure there is no repeat of my sons pregnancy (lost water at the end of pregnancy and had to be induced). 

I got lost trying to find the right building for the ultrasound so I was a tad late so that was stressful I thought they where going to send me home but they where so nice and apparently it happens with their patients all the time so I didnt feel too silly.

Summers right around the corner and it cant come soon enough. 

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