Friday, June 1, 2012


Time goes so slow when we want it to go fast.
And when we want it to slow down it gets even faster.
I never seem to win with either one of these with different places in my life.
My son is going to be 4 in 26 days. June 1st always hits the reality that his birthday is right around the corner. I wonder where the time has gone. June 3rd is a date that tells me 6 months until my daughters birthday. Again with that it makes me think I have time... turns out I don't.

Today seemed to drag on forever. The kids and I laid around the house for hours this afternoon between inside and out. Went on a super long walk and stopped at our local "grocery store". Its super small if your wondering what the "" ment.

I made Skeddi (spaghetti) for dinner and we decided we needed out of our little town and drove to Alex. For what.. DQ!

Olivia helped our Dog Alli find the chipmunk that has been hiding in the rain gutter for the last few days ( not really there but the dog thinks other wise)

The whole process of being a GS has been on my mind alot today.More so then other days with the time going slow aspect of it. Less then 2 weeks and we will be setting up our medications and our transfer date.
I keep thinking to myself... wow in 3 months I could be pregnant. In 3 Months it could be twins!
Then I think about everything that I need to do and remember not to do in the next month. Getting my body ready for this and doing everything in my control to hold this pregnancy.

Lots of thoughts tonight..
Time will make a person think...

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