Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blood medication ... and so much more!

Yesterday Nick the kids and I headed off to Fargo. When I called up there last week they told me Nick would have to be there. So he took the day off work to get what we thought would be blood work and sign paper work. Well he actually didnt need to be there. So he was a bit upset he took the day off and used up more of his time off. I think out of this so far the hardest has been communication and the traveling. We got to spend most of the day together and have a wonderful dinner together with the kids. So not all bad =)

Nick and the kids took off to the mall for a few hours while I met with Sam Jack and the Nurse to talk about whats next. There was so much information in that appointment Ill try and remember it all.

Sam started her meds last week and we should be on the same cycle so far. We are waiting for my Aunt Flow  so I can start my Estrogen Patches and head back to fargo for my first ultrasound to get a base line. Then every other day I take my 2 patches off and replace them with new ones. this will go on for weeks even after a positive pregnancy*fingers crossed*

Then at about the 14th day of my new cycle they will start Progesterone Medrol Doxycycline and continue my every day prenatal Vitamin and 81 MG baby asprin. Then the transfer week falls between July 18th- july 25th.

I got blood work done (3 viles) and signed papers for the clinic. Talked about what all is going to happen in the next month and got a big bag of goodies!! Sam picked up some fragrance free laundry soap and dryer sheets and my super awesome shoot for sam shirt. And a bag from the clinic full of Progesterone. I bought Body and Hair wash and gave it to sam after taking a bit (she can use the left overs on the baby(S). and I bought deodorant.

we go back to Fargo in 2 weeks for our eval and to finish up paper work =)

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