Thursday, June 28, 2012

Start already

Well Ive been waiting for Aunt Flow since last Saturday and she still hasnt come. And we need her to come so I can start my Patches and other medication. So I called the clinic Monday they said wait until Thursday. ... waiting ... waiting. Today I called at 745 am ( couldnt wait lol) and told them well she still isnt here. ( this happens once and a while where my body will skip a month).
So they started me on provara so I will get "her" in a few days and start my patches. There was some concern if I will be ready for the transfer in time so we are planning on doubleing up my patches and pills to get my uturis nice and thick to hold those embys. *heart*

Its been stressful wanting my body to do somthing and it not doing what we hoped it would. Seriously out of all the months to be off it has to be this one. UGH! At least we have options and we wont have to wait another month for the transfer...Hopefully!

My body always reacted to fertility meds nicely so this part Im not too worried about. Then as soon as I get Ms Aunt Flow I head back up to Fargo for a baseline ultrasound. One of these trips Im hoping to hang out there for the day. Maybe have the Kids go to my oncall day care and relax with sam. It just all sounds relaxing.

Shes coming for Thomas birthday party on Sunday. Im hoping Jack and the girls come too. have a slumber party bon fire and rost some smores and eat some yummy food sunday. Im setting up the slip and slide for the kids and the pool. Im super excited.

well Im off.. hope everyone has a great SAFE 4th of July weekend. My birthdays the 4th so I know I will =)

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