Monday, July 2, 2012

Its a Birthday

My son had his birthday party on sunday (hes 4)
And Sam came to party with us. I was afraid she would think my house/ family/ and friends where all overwhelming and hyper haha but she didnt think anything strange about it. haha! She said it was like her moms side of the family.
She got to meet my husband and my grandparents. Nicks parents my aunt sister and friends.
I was so happy she was here. We dug out all of my meds, sprawled them out on my bed and went through them all. it was nice sitting and talking about our next steps. My daughter adores Sam. Its sooo cute! Thomas thinks shes pretty "cool mom". Hes more active so pictures are hard to come by haha..

Thomas and his Friends

Hunter and Thomas... so cute

Olivia hanging out with her Great Grandparents and Auntie

Sam and Olivia

 Sam and I... Perfect!

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