Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cramping/Back Pain

Well Last night I had pain that took me to my knees. Called the Dr oncall and he told me to take some IBP and to call in the morning if its still continuing. Well it was still hurting but not as bad with the help of pain meds, So this morning I had to go to Fargo for blood work and an ultrasound. Turns out I have a nasty badder infection. I was hoping to go back to work this weekend but it looks like that wont be happening at least until after Monday. Ive taken 2 doses of my antibiotics and I'm hoping by morning It will start being more tolerable.Ive never had one before so I wouldnt of even guessed that was the issue last night.

Water weight with the meds dont help. Lugging extra weight around I can feel it in my feet. So after the kids go to bed Im taking a nice hot bath and putting my feet up to a movie. =D

I got to see Sam today. Its always fun seeing her. We have ALOT in common... to the point its a little creepy in a good way haha.

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