Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I started my patches last Friday. I feel bloated having anxious spells and sore breasts. Other then that its been pretty good.

I go back to Fargo Friday for another US and testing. They are going to look for the perfect spot for the two precious embys.

The kids are going to daycare this time. Last trip we made Thomas kept asking to go home and was upset to be going again. All this driving the last 2 months have really been hard on the kids. Not so much in the beginning but weeks into it. They defiantly need a break from the car. I'm so proud of my 2. They have been so great with this big adjustment with traveling. Something they are not used to.

Olivia thinks the babies are in my tummy already and moved to my breasts.. So I have 2 baby's for boobies if that makes sense haha. The stuff kids come up with!


  1. I know it can be hard on the kids making those drives but soon you will get to see your own doctor and everything will fall into place.

  2. HAHAHAHA oh Olivia... thats funny that she thinks your boobies are the babies! :)