Friday, July 20, 2012

Not as planned

Well things arnt going as planned. Sams follicles arnt maturing like expected and she has to be on meds a bit longer. Trigger Shot on Saturday and the harvesting on monday. Then the transfer will be Thursday sometime.

Well they called me this morning and from my last appointment to the one before it my lining has dropped from 10 something to 8.4
She said this usually doesn't happen and I need to come back in Monday to make sure its getting thicker.
Yep, pretty stressed right now.
Nick works mornings so now I have to either call my daycare lady and hope she has openings..
 (more money)
Hope my appointment is before Sams and she is able to sit with the kids. or my GF Jackie comes with me if shes in town and sits with the kids.
Talk about stressful.
Sam had her stressful day yesterday with having to wait longer running around town looking for her meds no one had. Thankfully the clinic had an emergency supply on hand.

Now I'm taking a vag. pill to thicken my lining with the patches.

Starting Monday I start the meds to shut off my ovaries an antibiotic due to it weakening my immune system and another vag. insert of hormones.

I keep preying this works the first time.

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