Monday, July 23, 2012

3 Days

Well we headed off to Fargo again this morning. This time Jackie came with me. She sat with the kids while I went in and saw the Dr, then we went to the park and Mall for some lunch a shopping.

mmmm The largest Dough Nut !!

Appointment~ I was at 8.4 last week and since they added in the other medication I jumped back up to 10!!! YEY perfect for a transfer. So this morning I started the Endometrin as well as the pills to stop ovulation and an antibiotic. As well as continue the patches and other medication. All these medications make me feel bloated crampy and nauseated. It will be nice when I can be off everything and just be pregnant =)

Sam had her retrieval and I am excited to announce that she has way more then we where originally looking at.. (2). We have 20!!!!

Now hopefully we have a good bunch that survive the fertilization and freezing for a later date (hopefully not needed unless Sam wants more then what we get with this one fresh cycle).

She is at home resting. Pop over to her blog to see her post today.

We go back on Thursday for the TRANSFER! Then 10 days later we see if their bun is growing in my oven.

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