Friday, July 13, 2012


Went back to Fargo today for my saline sonogram to look for polyps and where to place the 2 embys. Everything went great! Blood work showed good numbers and my lining looks GREAT!

It did hurt tho =S
Sam was there and was amazing! At first when I was laying there she was all can I rub your head all jokingly like mommy like and giggling with the Dr and I, then all of a sudden they filled my uterus with the solution and let me tell you WAS NOT WHAT I WAS EXPECTING! It was like a severe crap or a medium size contraction.

 Sam was right there. Once giggling into serious mommy face. Holding my arm and rubbing my head. As weird as it sounds I had a picture of what it would be like in delivery. Things I once thought about in wonder..

What would she be like??
What would I be like???
Would I accept it like with Nick??

All I can say was that it was 100% natural. Comforting.. Perfect.

Some people have asked me " Don't you feel like a rent a womb'?

In a way before today I did in a small way. I mean we have an amazing relationship. I feel like Ive known her for years. We talk about stuff I only talk about with  my Bestest of friends.Today
there was love and compassion above and beyond any contract. The way everything happened wouldn't of happened with a "rent a womb" I believe.  So to clear that question up "NO"!

Granted delivery is alot worse then just a saline sonogram but its the start. Start of a long road we will be traveling together that before today was all about the "when" it happens... its now the "ITS HAPPENING"!

The dr told us we are looking at this coming FRIDAY or MONDAY!!! 1 WEEK!!!!

Olivia told me today that she is going to feed sams baby french frys..


Sam goes in tomorrow for an ultrasound and from there we will find out the exact date for retrieval then 3 to 5 days after that will be the transfer.

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