Thursday, July 26, 2012

Today is the Day!

I woke up really earlie this morning.. Like 6am!
I had a dream I forgot to take my shower with all my scent free products and we couldn't do the transfer. I woke up in a panic. Finally fell back to sleep for an hour and got ready for the transfer.

When I got there Sam was waiting for  me. Nick and the kids left to the local park and we met with the nurse to go over what all's going to happen and what I can and cant do the next 2 days.
Dr Christiansen came in and Sam signed all the papers for the transfer. I took the Valium they prescribed me to take to relax my uterus and we went back....

Here is the stuff they used for the transfer and to prep me for the transfer

Scent free, makeup free, sporting my shoot for sam shirt WAITING

Ultrasound to make sure my bladders full enough for the transfer

Amanda D (Check)
Birth Date (Check)
2 embryos (Check)...

They have a camera in the lab that shows parents there embys before they bring them out for the transfer..

Ultrasound during the transfer so they are placed in the perfect spot =)

Here are the 2 precious little ones

We picked up a bite for lunch and came home. I slept most of the way. I dont feel any pain or discomfort really. Just tired.

Little sore but thats to be expected.

Thank you everyone for the thoughts and prayers. We are so blessed and thankful to have such supportive family and friends during this wonderful times in our lives.

Sam and I after the transfer. She has her hand on her babies... so beautiful!

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