Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy Day

AF started last night after I got off the phone with the clinic. YEY
So I called them this morning and told them. They wanted to see me today for Blood work and a ultrasound. Everything looked great and I started my patches today. (2 patches on and replaced with 2 new every other day)
Then next Friday I go back to Fargo for another Ultrasound, blood work, and a saline Ultrasound to know where to place their 2 precious little embys.
We will also be starting more medications and continue the patches (I believe but will have to double check with the patches)
 Our transfer date got bumped back a few days so it will be the last week of the month as of now. Not sure on the day.

After my appointment we went to Mc Donald's with Sam and then hung out at her house for a hour while the kids played with her 4 dogs. The kids LOVED IT!

I'm so excited that this month is going to work for the transfer!!!

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