Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Its the little things..

love getting updates from mommy and daddy.. and I have to share

Finny is 12.6 lbs now (little chubbers) and is now babbling and "talking"

6 Weeks

things here have been going... Im working out more and tryed out kick boxing for the first time with my girl friend. I have used my moms boxing bag at home and i hope to go to the gym more.
We went to the fair and before school starts we are heading to the Zoo and Mall of American to see.  TMNT. (teenage mutant ninja turtles)

Went to the shooting range.. Super pumped

Bad Boy
went on my first air plane ride with my father in law and kiddos
in the air...over lake Carlos
Nick his dad Brad and the kids.

loving the fair

School starts next week and I have to say Im a bit uneasy on how busy we are going to be.Thomas is getting another assessment done to see where he is on the Autism  Spectrum.We where told of SPD anxiety and adhd but we where unsure of anything else until recently.  This is a whole new world for us and finding support is becoming time consuming and stressful. I honestly had some ideas with my work back ground working with the disabled and kids but never did I think this would touch my. family. SPD is on the spectrum but only the sensory aspect of it. We have known of this for the last 2 years. Regardless we will do this head on whatever comes out of his assessment just staying positive and keeping an open mind. IT WONT CHANGE HOW WE LOVE OUR SON!!

Cant believe its almost fall... in 4 it will be Christmas *ooofta*

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