Monday, October 29, 2012

Double Bubble Toil and Trouble.

Well as most know we are happy to announce WE ARE PREGNANT!!! We started getting positives at 5 days post transfer. Those who dont know much about IVF thats super earlie. They have been dark since day 9. We went in today for out BETA and the number where shocking!!!


I knew they would be high due to how I have been feeling and the tests but 467?!?!?! With that Number we very well will be looking at TWINS or MORE!!!

Lately I have been feeling very tired and emotional. Im already feeling bloated and tighter inside but that could be the meds too. Time will tell.

With God all things are possible.. and our faith got us this far.

We go back Wednesday for another BETA and to check Progesterone and such to make sure Im taking enough. Then we set up OUR ULTRASOUND!!!!!

Its my Belly and Their Baby (s)

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