Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Keeping Positive. . . .

I posted before that I had some cramping Sunday night and spotting Monday morning. Well It stopped all day Yesterday and this morning its started again. This time alot less and Im not really crampy. Im trying to stay positive with the Beta results and the spotting. They told me that the Embys could of attached late and not in the 48 hour period and that beta numbers cant be used in determining how many or quality other then pregnant or not until second beta test that's Wednesday. Obviously there are alot of factors in this. One its a 3 day transfer. Alot of information I have looked up range differently from a 3 to a 5 day transfers. Also the stages of the Embys. And like I said if they implanted within the 48 hours or later. AS well as all the medications Im on....

I didn't have spotting with my kids and obviously every pregnancy is different. Just positive thoughts from now until wed...(and after)

Lots of rest and water for this girl =)

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