Saturday, August 11, 2012

Roller Coaster Ride

So got the new BETA and Progesterone levels this morning from yesterday... Well my beta went down only 1.1 (14.4 to 13.3) and my Progesterone went UP from 4 to 9.8!!! They both should have dropped in 2 days... *sigh*
We arnt exactly sure what this means but we go back in Monday for more blood work. The Dr said they have seen freakier things that its not looking great but they want to give this every chance possible. That I got pregnant with twins one didn't make it and my levels are all over the place balancing out with one...

We are expecting for the worst since Wednesday but still hopeful. ♥


  1. I'm not sure if you remember this but my HCG levels with Lauren were all over the place, sometimes higher sometimes a huge drop and even at a 7 week ultrasound she was only measuring 5 and they could barely make out a yok sac (which couldn't be true since we absolutely knew our dates) but by 12 weeks she'd caught back up. So yes there's a small chance everything will work out. Hopefully this baby's just a slow started too. Wishing you the best and thinking of you all.