Saturday, November 17, 2012

So far so good

So far we haven't had any more bleeding since last weekend. *phew* I must say I am finding myself getting more and more tired as the days progress. I am nauseous off and on and that seems to be increasing as well. The other night I had some kind of acid indigestion because I woke up with terrible chest pain and feeling like I was about to throw up. Ran to the bathroom got sick ate some tums and felt better. I have no idea where it came from and I'm thinking its from my prenatal vitamin. I'm testing out when I should take it. If i take it anytime after noon I get this to happen and I feel worse.

I have to eat small meals slowly and lay down after larger meals like dinner. Ginger is my best friend and I am looking for any other natural remedies I can use to help all of this. Crackers make me want to gag in the morning. Someone said candy canes... So I think a walmart run is in order to give it a try.

I never really got sick with my 2 kids. From a smell here and there but nothing like this. Or this tired. Double work on my body and I'm definitely feeling it.

 November 14th... need I say more?
I popped out earlier with Olivia then I did with Thomas but not this earlie. I am a little bloated on top from the meds but the round little belly as you can compaire from the picture above is all bump. My GF who's going for her RN could feel the top of my uterus. This is going to be a long ride I'm feeling =P
2 pairs of pants are put up already and I replaced them with 1 bigger size AND sweat pants
(my new best friend).. I have lost weight since the transfer and I'm guessing alot of it has to do with me eating less, but right now that's all normal and babies are healthy and growing. I wont need to worry about weight gain for a while.

Cant wait for monday and be able to see our little buns. <3

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