Wednesday, November 28, 2012

First OB appointment

Today Sam came down for our first OB appointment. She got here earlie so we could hang out. I ended up passing out on the couch when the kids napped and she poked about on her phone. How boring am I? lol

Our appointment went really well. We where there for 2 hours ( way behind) but our OB was fantastic. Took her time explained herself and what our "plan" was up to about 16 weeks. Then its all in the air and up to the babies.
Waiting.... waiting.... waiting.....

She said that I need to gain more weight. I have actually lost weight being pregnant and with being VERY VERY sick that Ive just started gaining a little back. So down 10 up 3... I have a ways to go.

She said I need to eat anything I can keep down and to eat SOMETHING every 15 min or so. She was a little concerned with how much blood I lost the night I went to the ER and how big the clot was. And that this isnt the first time Ive bled and with my history with Thomas and Hemorrhaging she will be keeping a close eye on me.

The longest she will let me go is 38 weeks. I told her I want to avoid a c-section and she said that was fine but I will have to deliver in the O.R to make sure babies and I are safe.

She increased my Zofran but now my insurance has to get a waiver so I can get more then 12 pills for 15 days. So tonight Im all out till hopefully tomorrow. Im sucking down milk and water to keep full and snacking as much as I can.

Im also on an ant-acid pill. Acid shooting up in the middle of the night isnt much fun....

I go back next week for an ultrasound and the week after for more blood tests. Then I see her 2 weeks after that.

Hopefully tomorrow I get to cut down on some of the other meds when they get the results back from Fargo... Fingers Crossed <3

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