Friday, March 29, 2013

A little peace...

Had our OB appointment today. Sam and our Dr got to feel some of my lovely contractions  and we got to check to make sure I'm not dilating. Soft but still firm inside and finger tip. So good! Now we go in every 2 weeks and we will be getting retested for having higher chances of Earlie labor. We also will have our gestational diabetes test.... YUMM lol =S .  Sam said she wants to try the drink. Can't wait to see her face... (I'm mean huh lol)

We got to have a walk through the birthing center and ask some questions. It was nice to see everything with Sam and Jack instead of just describing it. The girls where with today so I got to spoil them a bit with some DQ ice cream. I get a kick out of their reactions and facial expressions

Lately I've been feeling very overwhelmed and lonely. Maybe its the hormones mixed with everything else going on but its really starting to bother me and on top of it all I'm getting snappy and defensive. I know I'm not alone in this but some days I feel that I am. People not caring or supportive. I really am appreciating my family that's for sure. even when I wasn't pleasant they loved me. And was there.

Take some good and some bad. One can't appreciate the good with out some bad.

I bought a dress this week too. I'll have to post pics when I'm all dressed up in it. Maybe when Sam takes our maternity pics. I so want both our family's pictures together. Hmmm ;)

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