Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I had my appointment with the cardiologist this afternoon. We went over some tests and hes Okay with them so far. My BP was a bit low for me which made sense since I was having a dizzy spell right before walking into the room. Piece by piece things are SLOWLY coming together for information. As of now BETA BLOCKERS are too risky for me. The way my body reacted, we are going to hold off on them unless I start getting worse or if I end up passing out completely. I'm reassured that everything so far on the echo and EKG looks normal. The halter monitor is OK. If I pick up on the abnormal beats and such then we will look into what other options we have.

At 34 weeks (so 9 weeks from now) I will have another ECHO and a 24 hour halter monitor and if nothings changed then we will go ahead with a delivery in Alexandria and be watched by my Dr here. If there is any changes then we will be delivering at Abbot in the cities. No work and I need to take it easy. Small amounts of caffeine, rest, and limit any stress HA.

OK maybe not so HA with stress. That will soon be over with hopefully. I like my simple little life without the drama of my mothers sister and mother involved in it at all. Peaceful that's for sure.

On Monday it will be 2 years since I got the devastating call that my mother passed away. She was only 42 years old and her life ended way to soon. I have gotten peace over the last 2 years to some extent but with the drama with her sister and mother has brought back alot of old pain that I thought I was passed. I guess it shows that they are still living in the past and will if they continue their hateful behavior.The behavior that ended their relationship with my mom over a year prior to her death, And the behavior that still brings them guilt and pain.

I believe my mom would be proud of me in being a surrogate for Sam and Jack. I talked to her about it before and she only had concerns with me getting attached since I'm a lover and motherly. Other then that she said she could see me doing it. What I would give to have her be here with me. Please pray for my brother and sister in the next week. My brothers birthday is the 17th a day before we found out, so he will need lots of love and strength. And my sister. She was robbed with the ability get peace from those nasty people who did nothing but call her names and put her down after my mom died. Its never easy losing a parent but losing a mother and so young. My heart breaks for them. My brother was 17 and my sister was a month shy of 18. (Hugs I love you guys)

Well here's a new picture.

How far along: 23 weeks

Total weight gain: none

Maternity clothes: Oh yes.

Stretch marks:None

Sleep: Ive been having weird dreams again. And almost like nesting feelings with spring being around the corner.
Best moment of this week: Started our peppers and tomato plants for our garden. The kids and i sat at the table and played in the dirt. Thomas loved squishing the dirt down a little too much...

Miss anything: Nicks been working alot more hours so not many back rubs =(

Movement: Tons of movement.. =D

Food cravings: Iced Tea, Raspberry/Butter Toast

Anything making you queasy or sick: Comes and goes but Smelly dish cloths send me running
Have you started to show yet: Silly question

Gender: Boy!!

Labor signs: More contractions but nothing  close together

Belly button in or out: In

Wedding rings on or off: On

Happy or moody most of the time: What Spring??? I see no grass so Im not happy lol

Looking forward to: Seeing Sam Saturday for my Wrap Party

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