Friday, March 8, 2013

Better late then never

Ive been so terrible on blogging with new updates and weeks.
Its hard to find the time and when nothing much changes there isn't much to blog about.

I see the cardiologist next week here in Alexandria. I'm curious to see what hes going to say. I find it hard to eat and after I eat I don't feel hungry for a long time or I'm just exhausted, so the last few days Ive been snacking alot and trying to push that feeling aside to see if anything changes with how I feel and nothing. So theres something I can add to the appointment. Might have nothing to do with anything he would care about but I just am covering all that I can do myself that might give us some answers. I do notice that differences in temperatures make my heart increase and spazz out a little.

Still no weight gain but baby is doing great. Hes moving and growing like crazy. Ive been loving anything and everything in small portions. My weakness that's not that healthy are those sour cream and onion egg shaped chips. I cant remember the name ( baby brain) for the life of me I just buy them lol. And Ive been loving strawberries with cream cheese dip stuff. And lots of milk!

I have been having contractions off and on. Nothing that's concerning right now since they arnt constant or increasing. Mostly Brax. Hicks that arnt painful. So we are happy with that.

22 weeks

Nicks birthday weekend last weekend was a ton of fun. Went to Dave and Busters, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co, (MOA) Insert Coins and the Art Museum. We had to leave the museum without seeing everything due to contractions but I took it really slow and it wasn't too bad. A much needed weekend away that's for sure. I have an appointment next week with the orthodontist to see if I should get braces again since my teeth have shifted. I'm afraid of the cost involved but I'm tired of hurting and feeling self conscious. Nothing like feeling 15 again =S

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