Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Some tests are back

The EKG came back with  PVC's and heart racing. Something we will be watching. Still waiting for the echo. Im assuming the longer it takes its a good thing.... right??

Appointment hasnt changed for Thur. See what she wants to do with  my Thyroid.

Jase has been turning blue when he eats and once and a while when he doesn't. His Pedi wanted to see him yesterday to do some check ups and a chest X ray to make sure his heart wasnt enlarged. Thank God it wasnt but his ECHO was moved up to today. Poor little guy theres been so much against him from day one. I can say I have truly fallin in Love with him. Im hoping Gods plan is what Im hoping for but thats up to him. I would be devistated....

Colds at its end point today I think. Throats still sore but that I can live with. Tryed salt and pepper kettle chips last night when my mother in law and brother in law came over to visit... YEP NEW LOVE! SOOOO GOOD!!!

Well Im off to give Jase his bath and some laundry... Those in MN... STAY WARM.. lol. -20 below outside!

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