Sunday, January 6, 2013

14 weeks

14 weeks and feeling like Poo.

The last 2 weeks my heart races off and on and before that is was just the dizzy spells. The last week its been more frequent. I called the clinic to check with them and I'm supposed to keep track how many a day I have spells and what I'm doing ect.

Its been about 3 to 5 times a day and usually comes with dizzy spells. Sometimes one right after another within a few min. I noticed the last 2 days it was 6 times yesterday and 7 times today and it was when I'm just sitting there. I'm not walking alot or going up and down. Its happened a few times while I'm active but not every time. I think Ill be calling the clinic to check in tomorrow just to be safe. I never had dizzy spells or heart racing with my kids.. Maybe once when I was out of breath from stairs 9 months pregnant lol.

Still loving Salad. Vinaigrette dressing seems to be the top Fav. Grape Fruit, Special K with chocolate chunks, baked potato's and sweet gherkins pickles.

Listening to Christina Aguilera's new CD alot. Cant get enough of her.

Not much planned this next week and I'm honestly excited about it. I think I want to get my first Pedi. Ive been talking about it for years now and I think its about time.

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